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3 Undeniable Benefits of Selling Your Home and Downsizing

1. Lower Energy Bills

Seeing a flickering light doesn’t always mean that your house is haunted. Perhaps the electricity is about to shut off from being used so intensely to heat your home during the winter. As we enter the heart of winter, energy bills are on the rise. Heating a 5-bedroom house can cost leagues more than a smaller condo. By selling your house and downsizing into a smaller space, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on energy each month.

Save money this winter and spend it on things you actually enjoy in life, like a summer vacation. Don’t spend more than you need to heat parts of a home that aren’t used very often. Reducing the costs of your monthly housing expenses is a huge plus to selling your house and downsizing to a new place.

2. Less Stress

Many homeowners are beginning to transition to a more minimalist lifestyle. People seem to experience less stress when there are fewer physical items to worry about throughout the day. The same applies to real estate. When you sell your house and downsize, there are fewer things that you need to maintain within your living space. Cleaning your home automatically becomes way quicker after downsizing.

Living in a smaller space also forces you to have fewer personal items in your home. This can help keep your mind clearer throughout your day and reduce stress. More physical items don’t always bring more happiness. For example, when people inherit property from a family member, the home is commonly filled with large amounts of personal items. While, to a degree, many people feel obliged to keep the inherited home and live in it, the number of items within the home can become stressful. Downsizing to a smaller home helps put a limit on how many things you can have around you and ultimately remove stress from your life.

3. More Time

Naturally, when you downsize your home, there will be fewer things to do inside your house. When living in a condo versus a 5-bedroom home, you’re more likely to do things outside more often. While certain people enjoy spending lots of time inside, others prefer to spend time out and about. This will likely increase when living in a smaller space. After downsizing, you will also have more time to do things outside. There will be far fewer things to maintain around your property. Having this additional time on your hands is a huge benefit to selling your home and downsizing.


Guest Blog by Hayley Dempsey

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