The Best 5 Star Experience Starts With A Strategy

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The Buy & Sell Process

Our experienced agents help clients buy and sell real estate, while delivering the most epic customer experience.


Crystallize Your Goals

The first step to achieving any goal is ensuring all parties understand each other's goals and desires. Without that, it's impossible to all row in the same direction.


Prepare Real Estate Timing Analysis

Once we have established your goals, how fast can we accomplish them? A Real Estate timing analysis will break down the amount of time it will take to get us from right now to have closed on your home. This will help you with planning to ensure we can hit your goal in time!


Market Analysis & Home Evaluation Report

In order to create a precise financial game plan, we first need to understand what your home can sell for in today's market. We will provide you an in-depth market analysis and home evaluation in order to create your financial game plan.


Financial Planning

In order to make great decisions, you need to have the best information. Here, we take the value of your home and prepare a financial planning document that shows you how much cash you have to work with to buy your next home. From there, we take that available cash and plan the best course of action that will help you hit your goals. We work with a lot of people that would like to buy a home, keep within a certain monthly budget and put cash in their pocket for investing or personal use. Together, we will determine the best scenarios that work for you.


Buy / Sell Dilemma Report

One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make choosing the wrong implementation strategy for their Buy and Sell. This report shows the four different ways to implement a buy and sell strategy and the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.


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