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Avoid These Renovations Before Selling

Avoid these renovations

Renovations are expensive and modeling your home for yourself is one thing but not everyone has the same taste as you do. Consider avoiding certain renovations before selling your home, after all you wont be the ones enjoying the new space when all is said and done.

Dated Dcor

Staging your home before you sell allows potential buyers to see themselves living in it and purely aesthetic choices like wallpaper, landscaping, ornate lightning is likely not to appeal to everyone. Its completely natural to individualize each room to your taste and inject some of your personality to it - however its important to remain conscious of what potential buyers might see as outdated.

Swimming Pools

Keep renovations simple. If you live in a climate where its warm and sunny all year long, a swimming pool addition will add value to your home. However, in Canada, the concept of having to maintain a pool that is only usable for a few months of the year alienates a whole group of potential buyers. Those with young children are likely to balk at having such a big safety hazard on the property as well.

New Plumbing or HVAC Systems

Unless there is a problem with your HVAC or plumbing systems that requires urgent care, fixing up systems that buyers cant see wont help any.

Elaborate Landscaping

The key to landscaping before selling is having a well-maintained yard. Mowing your lawn, pruning trees and raking the leaves will go further than doing extensive landscaping. Buyers would prefer to have their own personal touch to the garden instead of re-landscaping what already exists.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting / Decorative Tile

Chances are the new homeowners will likely replace any existing carpeting with new floors or area rugs, so dont spend time and money installing new ones. Exciting flooring, colours, patterns might seem exciting but it might turn someone else off.

Solar Panels

Keep renovations simple. We understand the appeal of implementing solar panels to intrigue a key demographic of buyers, but that wont warrant enough return to have them installed prior to listing.

Knocking Out Walls

Creating more space in a master bedroom for example, wont necessarily add value to your home. Instead, it will leave you with one less room. Knocking out any walls should be done with careful consideration. For example, creating better flow between the kitchen and the dining room would enable you to create more space without losing its intended purpose.

Having your home in tip top shape is ideal before selling your home, but not all renovations are worth your time and money. When you renovate your home for others youre choosing for them without knowing their taste. So the more tailored the fixtures, colouring, and flooring is you might be alienating half of the potential buyers. Potential buyers will appreciate a clean slate.

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