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How to Price Your Home for Maximum Return

Realtor Helping Sellers Price Home to Sell

Pricing Your Property for Maximum Return

A well-positioned home does not happen by accident. It is the result of a carefully executed plan that is crafted for your specific home and the marketplace it is competing in. Buyers are looking for the following key factors when searching for homes; excitement, confidence in quality, confidence in needs, and a positive experience.

Our process outlines the steps necessary for determining the proper price for your home. Through data, market trends, appraisals, pre-inspections and any home upgrade recommendations necessary we can leverage the key factors we mentioned above so you dont leave any money on the table.

We don't just stick a number on and decide what it's worth. We actually look at what's happening in the market place and determine how it will affect your sale.

Market Evaluation

We make sure we take you through a detailed account of the market and how it relates to your property, so you can have all the information needed to understand your homes value.

Note, this step sometimes needs to be broken up into two steps depending on the complexity and information gathered from the initial home walkthrough.

Home Inspection

A professional pre-inspection will reveal potential deal killers so they can be remedied before a buyer can use them against you in a negotiation. It can also reveal minor repairs that can be done, leading to up to a 200% return on investment.

Your home valuation is determined by a professional appraiser who assess square footage, general condition of the interior and exterior walls, plumbing, electrical etc. They will also evaluate the value based on your homes zoning classification, lot size, driveway size and the list goes on.

Execution of Pre-Inspection Report

Executing the cleanup of any issues found in the pre-inspection report will create a higher perceived value to today's buyers, as they will see your home has a clean bill of health on its inspection. Buyers will be confident they can move into a home without having to fix or repair anything, creating a smooth, turn-key process for them.

Leverage the Power of Upfront Disclosure

If you choose to not go through with the cleanup of the issues found during pre-inspection, we can now let buyers know about the issues beforehand - indicating that we have priced the house according to its current health and condition. This gives buyers confidence in our price, knowing they are dealing with upfront and trustworthy sellers.

Looking to sell? Let's price your home for this competitive market so you can see the highest return!

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