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Understanding Your Goals


The exciting part about buying a house means youre ready to reach the next significant milestone in your life

Whether youre buying your first house or looking to upgrade, these are important events that require expert attention. What you need to get started is a plan, and an expert real estate advisor to guide you. We know there are plenty of opportunities to become quickly overwhelmed throughout the Buyers Journey and in the event, you havent assessed your goals, you will be at greater risk of compromising your plans for the future.

This is why The Zahnd team has specifically designed a Buyers Journey Program to ensure important lifestyle goals aren't left out. Our team will quickly become the expert support system you didnt know you needed. As soon as we sit down and discuss exactly what you want from your real estate experience we can set you up for success!

What Does this Entail?

This is where we sit down with you and discuss the big questions, for example; What is your motivation for making this change? and What is your ideal end result? Money, time and lifestyle are the main factors that we are interested in, that will determine how we can position you for success. Since everyones desires and needs vary, were on a mission to understand exactly what factors are playing a role in your decision to buy a house.

What Is Your Financial Situation?

Money plays an obvious and important role in how you make decisions. Not only are we looking to determine what type of home works well within your budget, but understanding how you approach your finances can allow us to support your overarching life goals.

For example, going on a vacation every year could be a part of your goals that youre not willing to compromise on and well need to account for that during the negotiation process. Or perhaps youre setting money aside for your childrens education and we need to ensure that specific goal is protected and we find a home situated within a school zone.

Conversely, you could be in a position where paying off debt over a set period of time and we need to ensure the house we put in front of you doesn't compromise that goal. At that point in the conversation, maybe you realize to hit that goal, you dont have enough in your savings to cover all of your costs so we need to extend the timeline so you can save up.

What Does Your Timeline Look Like?

Determining what your time commitments are will also play a role in how we can position you for success. Are you planning for an upcoming birth? For most, that means they would like to be in their home before the baby arrives. Or maybe you have vacation plans that will put you out of reach for a while? At that point, we are assessing how we can realistically find you a home so your vacation doesnt hinder you from reaching your goals. Alternatively, your job could be a factor for the time that we need to consider. Do you work days, nights, shift-work? The more we understand about how you spend your time and what events are coming up the more full-proof our strategy becomes.

What Does Living Your Best Life Look Like?

Equally as important were interested in understanding your lifestyle goals. Do you plan to entertain at your home frequently? Do you need a neighbourhood suitable for your kids? We encourage you to figure out, would you like to be driving more or less? Is it important for you to be able to walk to the grocery store? Is living close by to a hospital a priority? Would you like to move into a newly developed neighbourhood? You can quickly see how every answer to these questions impacts the decisions you make.

Next Steps

These are all factors that help us understand how we can find you a house that suits all of your needs and get you closer to your future financial goals. Understanding your goals is an important first step for us to provide you with an exceptional five-star real estate experience.

If youre looking for an expert support system to set you up for success The Zahnd Team is ready when you are!

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