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Wine & Shop Giveaway

Wine & Shop

Wine & Shop Giveaway

This month were splitting up our giveaway into two amazing giveaways! Were rolling out the first one with this lovely basket of local goodies valued at $300! The winner will receive some delicious coolers, this incredible pot and plant as well as two gift cards to Rug & Weave and of course Blooms & Flora!

Enter to Win

Contest Closes August 18th, 2020 Please note: You must be a local Guelph/surrounding area Resident and be able to pick up the basket in Guelph, ON.

July Winners

Congratulations to Kody Kirton, for winning a custom made cooler filled with local craft beer and merch! Were so excited to give you your very own wood built cooler stocked to the brim with delicious craft beers and t-shirts! Youre ending the summer off on a spectacular note!

Top Supporter Giveaway

The Zahnd Team would not have grown into the leading real estate experts in Guelph without the help of the incredible people who support us. We see our raving fans giving to us every day, and want to give right back to you so we created the Loyalty Supporter Program.

What is The Supporter Loyalty Program?

The Zahnd Teams Supporter Loyalty Program allows us to give back to those who help get our message into the community and raise the standard across the Real Estate industry in Guelph. We are able to track social media shares, reviews, referrals, introductions, and a whole host of other actions our supporters take, to really see who our biggest fans are so we can thank them for their support. This month were rewarding our top THREE Supporters with Gift Cards of their choice! The first place winner will receive $350, the second place will receive $100 and the third supporter $50!

July Winner

Congratulations to Julys Winner Jan and Steph Fitz Patrick! Here are all of the incredible things that Jan and his partner did to show their support for the team!

  1. Shared their experience on Google
  2. Provided us with a video testimonial
  3. Tagged @TheZahndTeam on social posts
  4. Gave us a Net 10 Promoter Score
  5. Their referral firmed a deal

Huge thank you to each of our supporters! We appreciate each and every one of you!

How to be a Top Supporter

Weve recently made a few updates to our support actions, please take a minute to check out our new opportunities to become a top supporter.

Were helping make the path to becoming a Top Supporter as easy as possible, with a list of actions that help share our message the most! For every action, you complete, we'll award you loyalty points. The person with the most loyalty points this month is crowned The Zahnd Teams Top Supporter. Here are some of the most valuable actions you can do to become a Top Supporter:

Supporter Action Points

Here are some of the most valuable actions you can do to become a Top Supporter:

Supporter Actionsand Points

  1. You told us and confirmed that we are the "chosen ones" for your business and referrals -(10 points)
  2. You bought or sold with us - (10 points every buy and sell)
  3. You trustus with your referrals - (6 points for every referral)
  4. The referral you sent closes a deal(10 points for every closed referral)
  5. You introduce us to new people by providing us with a way to contact them (name, email or phone number) -(2 points for every introduction)
  6. A person you introduce buys or sells real estate - (10 points)
  7. A person you referred or introduced to us gives us a referral - (6 points for you)
  8. A person you referred or introduced to us gives us a referral and they do a deal - (10 points)
  9. Share our posts on your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Feeds (story shares will not be counted) and tag @theZahndTeam- (3 Points)
  10. You gave us 5-star Google review - (10 Points)
  11. You gave us a Facebook recommendation - (10 Points)
  12. You gave us a high quality testimonial video (15 points for each video)

**Please note that only two testimonials per household qualify**

**All testimonials must reference the team and not the individual agent**

Last call for supporter actions will be at 5 PM on the last day of the month

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