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Take your business to the next level with the Zahnd Team and the power of Real. Get more done in less time, access exclusive tools, earn incredible stocks and rewards, expand your network, and more.

  • Get Your Time Back
  • Unbeatable Stocks & Rewards
  • End-to-End Operational Assistance
  • More Wealth Opportunities

Unlock The Next Level Of Career Growth

Partner with the Zahnd Team, powered by Real, and unlock your potential within a thriving community. Benefit from a supportive team, ground-breaking tools, and streamlined systems focused on advancing your business and uncovering a world of untapped possibilities.

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Stocks & Rewards

Unlock more revenue streams with stock options, generous bonuses, and exclusive financial incentives. Real rewards your success through every transaction and referral.

  • Become an owner in Real
  • Earn stocks for every transaction
  • Receive stock bonuses after transactions
  • Receive shares when you or referrals cap
  • Real’s success is your success
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Elite Agent Status

Get recognized for your efforts with Elite Agent Status. Elite Agents build their authority and unlock more benefits, opportunities, and recognition—helping you build your wealth.

  • $24,000 in stock rewards
  • Exclusive Elite Status title
  • Increased authority and status
  • Attract agents and grow your downline
  • Greater wealth generation
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All Benefits, No Fees

Receive all of the benefits of Real without the cost—the Zahnd Team covers everything so you keep more money in your pocket. Transform your business into a lasting legacy and hit bigger wins more often with Real’s production based model.

  • Pay zero fees—they’re all covered by the Zahnd Team
  • Earn multiple revenue streams to build your wealth
  • Get the industry’s best team splits with the Zahnd Team
  • Production & growth based model
  • No hidden fees or penalties—see clearly where your money is going

Take Their Word For It

See how partnering with Zahnd Team and Real brokerage can level up your business. Together, let’s shape your future into something truly remarkable.

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Stephanie Mycyk

The Zahnd Team and Real Broker has been a game-changer for my business. Their end-to-end operational assistance allowed me to focus on growing my client base and closing deals. The approachable and professional team made collaboration seamless, and I couldn't be happier with the results. On top of that, the stock options and rewards Real provides have been fantastic!

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Thomas Bruder

Partnering with the Zahnd Team has been an incredible experience. Their office space is not only modern and inviting but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration. Whenever I've had questions or needed guidance, the team has been personable, understanding, and always ready to help. The culture here inspires growth and success, both personally and professionally.

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Zoe McFadden

Since partnering with the Zahnd Team, the branding and marketing tools they've provided have completely transformed my business. Their expertise in creating a strategic and bold presence in the market has allowed me to reach new clients and close more deals. The support and resources they offer have been instrumental in taking my career to the next level.

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Unbeatable Partnership

We want to help you hit more wins, faster. We provide everything you need to run and grow your business so you can focus on unleashing your true potential.

  • End-to-end operational assistance
  • Fully equipped modern office space
  • Weekly training and discussions on relevant topics
  • Collaborative environment
  • Vibrant culture
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Reclaim Your Time

Give yourself more time to focus on what you care about most. Let us handle the busywork of onboarding and managing clients.

  • Data entry & administrative tasks
  • Marketing, photography, & videography
  • Sign installs & lockbox setups
  • Home Inspections, cleaning, & room measurements
  • Client gifts, follow-ups, & more
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Grow Your Business

With 95% of our revenue reinvested in agent-focused programs, we cultivate a community of progress and shared values. Enabling you to excel by providing the tools required for your business's growth.

  • Company generated leads
  • Massive marketing network
  • Scripts, guides, and sales strategies
  • Branded marketing assets & initiatives to grow your business
  • Sell Investment, Commercial, Agricultural, Development, M&A, and more

Training & Education

Elevate your career and income by seizing comprehensive educational opportunities, guided by top brokers, agents, and industry trailblazers.



Live classes &
Masterminds a Year



Hours of on-demand
Classes & Discussions



Live & Interactive
classes Held Each Week



Exclusive Live events
held each Year

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Revenue Sharing

Unlock the power of passive income with Real when you bring agents on board. As your referral network grows you unlock more payout tiers and stock rewards.

  • Get up to $4,000 per agent referral, annually
  • Receive stock for every referral
  • Earn more when referrals bring in agents
  • Share in company’s revenue, not agent’s revenue
  • Rewarding growth while fostering culture
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State-Of-The-Art Tech

Elevate your real estate game and take back control with the power Real's cutting-edge technology offers—everything you need to know, at your fingertips.

  • Work how and where you want
  • Access troubleshooting and training tools
  • Review details and submit approvals anytime
  • Track revenue share payments and grow your wealth
  • Deposit cheques directly from your mobile device
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Community & Culture

Take advantage of more opportunities and immerse yourself in a supportive network of agents across Canada and the US, invested in one another’s success.

  • Network with titans of the industry at exclusive events
  • Team up with peers for joint ventures and referrals
  • Swap game-changing tips and tactics with fellow agents
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Real Estate Alliance

Partnering with the Zahnd Team gets you access to the Real Estate Alliance—a vibrant community of elite agents, inspiring one another to new heights by nurturing growth, sharing resources, and fostering meaningful collaboration.

  • Access dedicated office spaces across Ontario
  • Tap into the success of Ontario's top real estate pros and brokerages
  • Receive direct training from industry-leading agents, brokers, and influencers
  • Get invited to exclusive masterminds, workshops, and wealth building events
  • Grow your network, opportunities, and downline

Partner With Zahnd Team

Don’t Need The Extra Support?

Join Real sponsored by the Zahnd Team! Get all the benefits of Real and the Real Estate Alliance, without a dedicated team by your side.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Industry’s Best Commission Split
  • Community & Culture
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Industry Insights

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